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We have come together to celebrate our similarities honored by our Love of God, desire to Be Happy, acceptance that we need do nothing and defenselessness in the way of listening to the Voice that speaks of Love in many languages and formats. We wish to join judgementless to accept that there is a Course for every teacher of God.

We faithfully believe that salvation is a collaborative venture and this is the Festival of Collaboration.


We call the Festival’s program Spirit’s Plan, because we trust that we will be Guided to a joyful and loving, heart-expanding experience throughout the activities that we have been called to bring together. Our program is structured in a Community-style atmosphere where messengers and participants together as one, collaborating to make all the activities work together for good. Don't forget to sign up for the Volunteering Activities and get to know True Ibiza.


This NEW ASPECT of the Festival is quite extraordinary and new for teaching and learning  The Course. This method will turn each participant into a "teacher" for a while and will render the opportunity to discern within a group, collaborate with everyone and finally -thanks to this collaboration- "listen" to his/her teacher within and extend. 

This intense "experience" of what is implied in learning/teaching ACIM you will only find in this Festival.


The Enlight Workshops are 3-hour opportunities to join with the Messengers in a deeper, more intimate place. The workshops will provide the opportunities to discover each Messenger’s work in depth and experience a ‘here and now’ transformation.

CELEBRATION IS A COLLABORATIVE VENTURE. Initially we were only three who joined as One to respond to the calling of Love. The Enlight Team is growing and we even have a Gospel Choir on behalf of A Course in Miracles!



“At night we will meet again in trust”   ACIM Lesson 92,11:2

The nights at the Ibiza Enlight Festival 2019 will present many surprises. Some nights will be purely recreational, others profoundly moving and transformational. No night will be like the one before. We wish to laugh, hug and also transcend the "traditional" evening format and experience a different way.

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