Community Volunteering


Volunteering in the festival has two aspects to it.

We will dedicate a whole morning to discovering Ibiza and its people by offering the participants the opportunity to ‘Shine their Light’ by being supportive of a Ibiza community initiative. There are 3 possibilities available. Please choose only one and sign up during the Festival.          This is  an optional activity.

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Discovering Life in Ibiza 


We are always searching for collaboration experiences in which our Festival participants may get a more intimate vision of life in Ibiza by helping its inhabitants.  We are still working on who we will serve this year.


During the previous 6 festivals we have supported:

- "Can Toni" an ecological farm with

   educational purposes

- Deixalles  

To be Confirmed


Traditionally Festival Participants volunteer one morning to a NGO supporting animal care.  2019 will not be different.  We are currently coordinating who we will serve this year.

In past years we have supported:

- Ibiza 4 Patas

- Mojis

Everyday Festival Volunteering 


Everyday participation volunteering


The safe keeping and organization of our Festival is done by ‘us’ the participants, teachers and technicians. We will ask a bit of collaboration and volunteering from everyone for diverse simple tasks.


We will ask for general helping out wherever needed. The Ibiza Enlight Festival is a collaboration site, so we will approach you to discover how you want to help in General.