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“At night we will meet again in trust”
“Let today be celebrated both on earth and in your holy home as well”

ACIM Lesson 198, 10:3


At night, after dinner, we will come together to share the impressions of the day, laugh, hug and once more… celebrate. Each night will bring a particular quality to our experience as a celebration of our joint purpose to be happy in gratitude for all the gifts received.

Saturday Day 1 - 9:30pm

The Opening of the Hearts


Welcome! A gentle heart-opening musical joining with IntroDanza, which has become one of the many unique and beautiful "traditions" of the Ibiza Enlight Festival to set the goal for the week.

Sunday Day 2- 9:30pm

Gentleness Concert


Inspired musicians will bring their music and talent in a shared concert and give us the opportunity to relax after our first full day of sessions and collaborative learning.

Monday Day 3 - 9:30pm

Miracle Story Night 


This night is BRAND NEW! at the Festival.  Its goal is to know each other better through sharing a 5-minute Miracle Story ... you have one too!  Then the miracle itself happens for everyone,  when we let go of our stories.

Sillas rojas
Tuesday Day 4 - 9:30pm

Movie Night `+ Popcorn and sodas


Tonight we will be able to choose from 3 movies that will be of an inspiring nature.  At our auditorium, this night is for laying back, having some popcorn with our family and being inspired by our new relationships.

Monjes en Tailandia
Wednesday Day 5 - 9:30

Returning to the Festival · Community & Collaboration Namaste


After spending the day discovering the Hippy Market, the beach, volunteering around Ibiza or simply enjoing this free day, we come together again, at night, in a surprising way.

Thursday Day 6 - 9:30pm

True Ibiza


Tonight is the night of Ibiza’s old traditions and super modern ways, both still alive and thriving.   Ibiza is a mix of medieval traditions and open minded hippy styles.  We want to share this with all.

Friday Day 7 - 9:30pm

Open Stage for the Enlight Gospel Choir & other participating talents


Tonight is the night we want to see YOU in all your glory! We want to experience your Enlight talent, singing, dancing, telling jokes, playing an instrument, whatever. Share it all with us and maybe as groups as well.

Saturday Day 8 - 9:30pm

Ibiza's Typical Night in White


This is our Night in White, very Ibicencan style. We all dress in White to just join in the style of the island. We play music that we like, we dance, we laugh and we share our Love with all our new-found community  

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