“Ultimately, then, they all contribute to one result, and by so doing, their similarity rather than their differences is emphasized."
ACIM, Ch.7,IV.3
Happy Dream Team
Celebration is a collaborative venture.
In 2013, we were initially three (Steve, Carolina & Salvador) , who joined as One
to respond to the calling of Love.  
Now the Team has grown and changed.   We are in gratitude for the time shared!
Carolina Corada

Co-Founder, Organizer, Teacher, Translator

angela teruel.jpg
Ángela Teruel

Assistant Organizer, Translator Coordinator

IMG_0847 editado.jpg
José Lorenzo Rodríguez

Teacher, Translator, Logistics

Glenda Ezeiza.jpg
Glenda Ezeiza

Logistics & Administration

Marialcira Rincón

Teacher, Translator, Logistics

Jorge Holgado_edited.jpg
Jorge Holgado

MC & Resident Musician

Paul Edfors.jpg
Paul Edfors

Teacher, Movie Night Coord.

Cristina Salicio_edited.jpg
Cristina Salicio

Social Media & Digital Marketing and Web

Inma traductora_edited.jpg
Inma Nuñez

Fire caretaker & Translator

Antonio Rodrigo.Fotos.jpg
Antonio Rodrigo

Photos & Documentary

Sebastian Mora.Sonido.jpg
Sebastian Mora

Sound Technitian

Josi Meves

Decoration & Props Coord.

Be Price 3.jpg
Be Pryce


Inma traductora.jpg
Inma Nuñez


charo domeneq.traductora.jpg
Charo Domecq


Brenda Alpizar


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