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Ibiza Enlight Festival 2017 Sponsorship & Volunteering Opportunities

Located in Spain, in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, this year’s Ibiza Enlight Festival is already being a source of inspiration, transformation, love and restoration for us organizers, and promises to bring that and more to all our  participants and collaborators.

There are a number of ways to GET INVOLVED with the Ibiza Enlight Festival. We offer a variety of flexible sponsorship options for both small and larger collaborations and also a Volunteering opportunity. Take a look at the document below to select a package that is best for your organization. Download the Sponsorship Program HERE.

Get Involved: join us at the Festival!
Our Global Casting for ACIM Translators has ended.

Ibiza Enlight Festival Global Casting for ACIM Translators ended on the 30th of April.   Thank you all for send us your participation.  We will soon be announcing our new new team of translators. 

We are continuing to broaden our Festival Team so come back to this page as we will soon post an opening for a new position. Perhaps it will be for you ! 


Meanwhile, checkout our new video and discover how you can still support us.  Blessings! 

We warmly invite you to take this opportunity to join us and become part of this global shift! 

All sponsorships and translator participation include: Festival participation in every way and depending on the level of sponsorship that you choose, we offer an assortment of perks and gratitude gifts.



>> For more information about our 4th annual Ibiza Enlight Festival, please contact us.

Our Vision

As seekers of peace it is the call of our heart to join and celebrate all the ways through which the Messengers of Peace teach. It is our desire to continue and extend the reference point of union and fraternity that we have already created, so that it transcends the frontier of cultures and languages. Our vehicle to achieve this is the book of Spiritual Psychology called A Course of Miracles and the Enlight Festivals.


Our Mission

We have the mission to institute the Enlight Festivals as international annual events where we meet on behalf of peace, we change the way we think and we learn to go about our world without judgements. We are committed to placing our events on the map of those who seek more than a fun vacation and want to discover the beauty and peace of a "Spiritual Vacation" with a mature audience that seeks calmness, tranquility and profound transformative teachings.

As unequaled events in the world, we are committed to continue to execute them and expand our borders to reach the greatest number of people with the experience of fraternity and inner peace.


We offer an 8-Day, 7-Nights Festival with a profoundly transformational schedule of talks, workshops, seminars, a hippy market for sponsors and participants, volunteering activities, singing, dancing, yoga and vibrant evenings showcasing Ibiza’s True Spirit.

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